What we do

Advance Consulting is implementing a 4-year horticultural project in Jordan. The project started in January 2023 and is financed by the Dutch government. Advance Consulting aims to develop Jordan’s horticulture private sector by improving good agricultural practices, labor conditions, access to innovation, finance, and markets for 1,300 horticultural SMEs. Additionally, the organization aims to enhance the business performance of at least 50 supply chain companies, strengthen the capacity of sector institutions, and raise awareness among 75,000 consumers and farmers about the link between sustainable food production and healthy food consumption. Together we test and demonstrate cost-effective innovations at farms in the Jordan Valley and the Highlands with the aim to:

Increase productivity and profitability.

Produce healthy crops with no residues.

Reduce water use.

Sustain employment and improve conditions of work.

Farming for the future 

Targets: 1,900 horticulture SMEs and 12,000 horticulture farmers.

Aims at: improving eco-efficiency, water efficiency, farming practices, labour conditions and access to innovation, finance and markets of horticulture SMEs to adopt Farm of the Future (‘FOF’) tools and practices at scale.

Business development and access to finance  

Targets: 50 supply chain companies and cooperatives 

Aims at: improving business performance of supply chain companies through development of 4 financial products, facilitating exchange, direct support and establishment of a citrus sector cooperative.

 Supportive environment and consumer awareness

Targets: 3 public sector actors in horticulture, including 200 staff and students, and 75,000 consumers 

Aims at: supporting private sector driven research into eco-efficiency, knowledge building, sustainable provision of extension services, improvement of consumer awareness.

Where we work

Holland Horti Support Jordan – Areas of project Activities

Holland Horti Support Jordan has activities in 4 main regions: Greater Amman, Jordan Valley, and Northern Highlands. Read more..

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