Deciding on the right starting material for your growing season is crucial. Pathogens like diseases, pests and virus can ruin your entire crop if left unchecked, or if you are working with a vulnerable variety. Prevention is often better than the cure. The most important starting point for preventing pathogens is using healthy starting material such as resistant varieties and virus free transplants.

With the help of our Resistant Varieties selection tool you can now choose from an available variety with good growing conditions. Choosing one of these varieties will ensure a product with export quality and built-in resistances against common pathogens like diseases, virus and nematodes. Ask your agricultural input supplier about resistances as well as yield and lifespan when selecting your starting material.

Click here for the updated brochure, now with even more seed varieties, including hot pepper and open field tomato!

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Our Partners

Advance Consulting

Advance Consulting is a Dutch business advisory firm for investments and projects in emerging economies. It assists companies and advises government agencies and development organisations on sustainable business development. Advance Consulting has a local office in Amman, Jordan and is the project lead in Holland Horti Support Jordan, providing technical assistance, training for partner farmers and monitoring and evaluation activities

Wageningen Plant Research

Wageningen Plant Research (WPR) combines knowledge and expertise in all fields of plant sciences. With this, WPR offers new perspectives for sustainable agriculture to clients and partners from industry and governments to research institutes and universities. In this project, WPR provides support on data analysis, crop guidelines and agronomic best practices.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Embassy of the Netherlands is the main partner in Jordan. They are the linking pin between the different Dutch programmes on agriculture, water and education in Jordan and ensure close cooperation between activities.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency improves opportunities for entrepreneurs, strengthens their position and helps them realise their international ambitions. RVO is the financing partner of the Holland Horti Support Jordan pilot project.